Thinkware F770 2-CH Front & Rear
Thinkware F770 2-CH Front & Rear£325.00

The F770 camera from Thinkware offers top of the range capabilities. The F770 also incorporates new features including ‘Super Night Vision’, a night image correction feature, and ‘Time Lapse’ that dramatically extends the parked recording hours.
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Thinkware Q800 Pro 2-Ch
Thinkware Q800 Pro 2-Ch£399.00

The Thinkware Q800 PRO is an updated version of the extremely successful Thinkware F800 PRO, which improves forward facing image resolution from full HD to QHD, the rear facing camera staying at full HD.
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Thinkware U1000 2-CH 4k
Thinkware U1000 2-CH 4k£529.00

This new model from Thinkware comes with a low profile and modern design. The U1000 features a 4K UHD front-facing camera and an optional 2K QHD rear-facing camera.
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