VT1000£245.00 (ex VAT)

This full HD 1080p forward facing camera delivers a complete view of vehicles and drivers in front of you. A built in GPS receiver ensures accurate information on vehicle location and speed. The VT1000 helps protect against bogus claims and unjustified driving offence allegations.
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VT2000£355.00 (ex VAT)

Using technologies such as GPS, HD video and 3G connectivity, this forward facing camera provides a powerful and intuitive fleet tracking system. 3G telematics means you can view video together with information such as vehicle speed, location, impact force and driving style.
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VT2.2£499.00 (ex VAT)

The VT2.2 is a full HD 1080p 2-channel 3G, WiFi & Bluetooth-enabled vehicle telematics camera with GPS/GLONASS and G-shock sensor.
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