Meta EasyCan Alarm

Meta EasyCan Alarm

OUR PRICE: £295.00 Fully fitted, inc VAT.

The Meta EasyCan Digital 2-1 upgrade alarm system is designed to intergrate with the vehicles CANbus system,the electronic protocol that is used by many vehicle manufactures on modern cars and vans .This system upgrades the vehicles original Thatcham 2 immobiliser to a full Thatcham 1 recognised system.

MKeta Systems

The Meta EasyCan uses the vehicles original keyfob to arm and disarm and includes LED warning light, flashing indicators, Boot,bonnet and door protection,ultrasonic sensors and a battery back up Siren.

  • Category 1 Thatcham car alarm Accredited: Cat2>1 TQA401
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Battery backup siren
  • Indicator flash
  • Diagnostic flashing LED
  • Boot, bonnet and door protection
  • Use OEM remotes
  • Programmed to your car make and model