Meta EasyCan T.75 Telematics

Meta EasyCan T.75 Alarm

OUR PRICE: £495.00 Fully fitted, inc VAT.
Including first year subscription

Subscription Renewals

1 Year £64.95
3 Year£174.95

The T7.5 Telematics siren upgrades your Easy can alarm to a combined alarm and tracking system connecting you to your vehicle and alarm via a web portal and user friendly app.

Meta Systems

Functions include.

  • Alarm trigger alerts by SMS & Push to App.
  • View the vehicles location
  • Battery low level and disconnect alerts
  • Geofence alerts (if vehicle moves out of a pre-determined area)
  • 90 days trip data
  • GPS Jamming detection

Additional immobiliser £100.00

CarAdditional immobiliser option allows you remotely immobilise your vehicle from the smartphone app or web platform.