RRP £361.00

OUR PRICE: £199.00

Tracker Monitor - TQA 089

1 Year subscription - £179.00

3 year subscription - £449.00

TRACKER Monitor is a Thatcham approved category 7 stolen vehicle tracker system
TRACKER Monitor has a movement sensor, which notifies TRACKER if the vehicle is illegally moved.

When TRACKER is alerted of an illegal movement the customer is contacted to confirm whether the vehicle has been stolen.

TRACKER Monitor is highly effective due to the use of its unique VHF technology. The small tracking device is hidden in your vehicle by our approved engineers and will be activated if it is stolen to enable fast and accurate tracking.

Car Plant Van HGV Motorcycle

Tracker Thatcham Cat 7

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TRACKER Battery Powered Retrieve

TRACKER Battery Powered Retrieve OUR PRICE: £249.00

Thatcham approval TQA247

Annual subscription - £149.00

5 Year subscription - £649.00

Battery Powered Tracker Retrieve is a Thatcham approved self powered Tracker system specially developed to protect unpowered or infrequently used assets to avoid draining the battery.

Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve has its own power source and does not need to be wired into the electrical system of your vehicle.

Car Van Plant HGV Motorcycle Caravan Marine

Tracker Thatcham Cat 7

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RRP £399.00

OUR PRICE: £285.00

Annual - £149.00

Duration of Ownership - £399.00

Smartrack Maxi - TQA 103

Smartrack Maxi is a Thatcham category 6 insurance approved Gps tracking device It is ideal for Plant, Agricultural, Marine, Motorcycle and OFF-road vehicles.

Plant Motorcycle Marine

SmarTrack Thatcham Cat 6

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