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EQV 300 all electric Mercedes V class installed with SmarTrack S5 D-iDT

EQV 300 All-Electric Mercedes V-Class Secured with SmarTrack S5 D-iDT Insurance Tracker and Driver Recognition ID Cards by MobileSystems

Upgrade your EQV 300 all-electric Mercedes V-Class with the advanced SmarTrack S5 D-iDT insurance tracker, featuring Driver Recognition ID cards, installed by the experienced team at MobileSystems. This cutting-edge security system meets the Thatcham S5 criteria and provides optimal vehicle protection using GPS-based tracking and other technologies.

The credit card-sized Driver Recognition ID cards ensure only authorised drivers can operate your vehicle, with the Secure Control Centre contacting you if the card is not detected. Benefit from a full online account and mobile app for real-time location updates and 24/7 in-house monitoring, plus optional remote engine immobiliser for added security.

Choose MobileSystems for a professional installation of the SmarTrack S5 D-iDT tracker with Driver Recognition ID cards in your EQV 300 Mercedes V-Class, and enjoy the highest level of vehicle security and peace of mind


0800 9179611
01296 688766

About Mobile Systems

Mobilesystems is a Thatcham Recognised installation company, with many years experience installing a variety of in-car systems and tracking devices.We carry out mobile installations and have a wide customer base that includes private customers, main dealers and fleet operators.