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Porsche 911 protected with Smartrack S5 DiDT

Porsche 911 protected with Smartrack S5 DiDT advanced card recognition tracking device supplied and fitted by vehicle security specialists Mobile Systems.

This advanced tracking system offers top-of-the-line security measures for high-end vehicles. The S5 DiDT, with its Driver Identification Tags, ensures the vehicle won't move without the driver's recognised presence.

The Smartrack S5 DiDT not only offers theft protection but also comes with a suite of features designed to make vehicle ownership a smoother experience. From access to historical travel data and live location updates to geofencing capabilities and the ability to generate journey reports - all conveniently accessible via a secure online account and mobile app.

One key feature of this system is its tamper alert functionality, where any attempt to interfere with the vehicle’s power supply will result in an immediate notification sent to the Global Telemetrics Secure Control Centre.

MobileSystems takes pride in offering top-tier vehicle security installations that are recognised and approved by all major insurers.


0800 9179611
01296 688766

About Mobile Systems

Mobilesystems is a Thatcham Recognised installation company, with many years experience installing a variety of in-car systems and tracking devices.We carry out mobile installations and have a wide customer base that includes private customers, main dealers and fleet operators.